When we sit on a bench in search of a moment of rest or to enjoy the view of a landscape, we hardly ever realize how this simple element works as a real visual machine, that helps to make a sense of the reality we live. The bench, while cuts us off from the flow of the world, creates unusual scenarios, teaches, inspires, guides our eyes and modifies our mood … adk design

a great idea, with a tailor-made design
turns into a great experience
shared by real people

We transform ideas, values ​​and visions
in professional design solutions
that communicate and support
the strategic objectives of our clients

adk design is a “Virtual CoWorking Space” made of conceptual thinkers, DESIGNERS, PHOTOGRAPHERS, ARCHITECTS, DEVELOPERS and more. We are specialized in startup training , personal branding, new business models and we work with our clients to find new business ideas by transforming concepts into workable and concrete projects. We try to produce innovative and measurable ideas. We are relentless in moving boundaries and carry out this spirited attitude into digital solutions that engage, inspire and make you think, make you curious. We adapt, quickly and effictively, the process to the specific needs of each client, involving the largest number of creative problem solvers. 

Being able to build a reputation for quality
is the real demonstration of our value.
Where others see problems and tough challenges,
we help you to discover new possibilities
through the design and planning


corporate | web | graphic | editorial | architectural


branding | positioning | budgetting | socialmedia


photography | video | app | 3D | placement | events


We work with you to find new business ideas by transforming concepts into workable and concrete designs. It is not necessary to wait for a request by a potential customer to do what you’ve always wanted to do. All work produced for research leads inevitably to get enough experience to gain a new customer. Much of our work to resolve the strategic chellenges  of our customers remains confidential.


adk design
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adk design - tailor made ideas